A Broken Window… Or A Ghost?

This has been quite the tedious week at the condo.  I’ve been doing plenty of boring but necessary jobs to prepare for the first cosmetic changes, which also happen to be the biggest- new paint and new floors.  I’ve finally finished pulling up all the staples in the floor, and with the exception of my back and shoulders being in a permanent hunch, it was an easy task.  I ended up using a flat-head screwdriver for almost the entire job, with the exception of a pair of pliers to pull out the stubborn ones stuck in one end.  I tried to sweep up as much of the staples and leftover bits of padding as I could, but with hundreds of them throughout the condo, it was tricky to get them all.  Let’s just say I won’t be walking in there barefoot any time soon!

I have not yet heard from the alarm service technician who did the original installation, so I reached out to a few other independent companies, hoping they’ll have some info for me on how to get rid of the old thing.  While I was poking around in the storage room yesterday, lo and behold, I came upon the master control for the system.



After unscrewing the front panel, I found an extensive installation manual.  Turns out, the darn thing is connected by wires to every single room.  It’s probably more complicated to take the system out than leave it in at this point!  (Also, I discovered that the installation date was in 1992, so not quite the Stone Age.)

The landmark problem of the week, however, definitely goes to the broken window.  On Tuesday, my dad had decided that he would take on the task of removing my window screens, which are so worn out they clearly haven’t been doing their job for years. The screen in the guest bedroom was in the worst condition, so it made perfect sense to start there.  The windows tilt out, so we popped the screen out, put the window back in place, and left for the day.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived to work on the condo two days later, after some pretty torrential rain I might add, to find the window was out of the frame, laying on the floor of the bedroom.  The fact that the glass panes hadn’t shattered was probably a miracle in itself, but I was more concerned with the possibility of more water coming in.  I tried, to no avail, to put the window back in the frame aligned on the track, while still being able to completely close.



It would either not line up with the track on the side, like you can see here, or not shut at the bottom, as you see below.



I called in some reinforcements, better known as my parents.  My dad, for one, was in disbelief, because he swears he closed and locked the window before we had left two days prior.  I mean, I suppose it’s possible I have a ghost, considering the previous owner of my little corner condo passed away a year and a half ago.  The more likely culprit?  The tooth on the tilt-out lock had been snapped off at some point, and now the window is unable to stay in a locked position.  We have a temporary fix for now, which involved a good slam of the window downward, and putting a more permanent lock on the one good side.  The reality of it is that I will probably need a new window in the not-so-distant future.

And the hits just keep on coming!


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