And So It Begins

On closing day, after signing my name so many times that I started spelling it wrong, I was handed the deed and the keys and officially became a homeowner.



Naturally, the first thing I did was drive straight there to start celebrating!

Now, I had started a list of everything that I wanted to change and improve way before the closing date.  But when I stepped over that threshold, I realized that some things were going to have to wait, while others would definitely take priority.  First of all, I never really noticed just how dirty the place was.  The fingerprints on the walls were a lot more noticeable without furniture in the rooms to distract your eye.  Granted, the condo hadn’t been lived in for about a year and a half, but you could tell the previous owner’s cleaning habits weren’t the greatest.  So, after writing a to-do list (and a grocery list of cleaning supplies!), I vowed to return Saturday morning, ready to work.


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